Geotechnical and Trenchless Engineering     

Maynard Akkerman (left) and Dave Mathy (right) with Akkerman's 116" EPBM tunneling machine, delivered on 4/18/08 to CCCSD's A-line Relief Interceptor Sewer Project in Concord, California. The EPBM tunneling machine was used to install approximately 3,000 feet of 96" internal diameter concrete pipe.

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DCM Consulting, Inc. is the consultancy of David C. Mathy. DCM Consulting, Inc. provides geotechnical and trenchless engineering services to owners, designers and contractors. Dave is a graduate of Cal-Poly, Pomona and U.C. Berkeley and is a registered Civil and Geotechnical engineer in California. Since 1977, Dave has provided professional geotechnical engineering services to both private and public sector clients throughout California. Private sector projects include commercial and light industrial developments such as retail shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, research centers and warehouses. Public sector projects include bridges, roadways, pipelines, pump stations, water and wastewater treatment plant facilities, public buildings, schools and parks.

Pipeline, pump station and water, wastewater and recycled water treatment plant design investigations, along with construction inspection represent the largest sector of Dave's work experience over the past 30 years. Pipeline projects include water, wastewater, recycled water and storm drain pipelines and fiber optic conduit constructed by conventional open-cut excavation and various trenchless technologies including microtunnel (MTBM), earth pressure balance (EPBM), open shield and tunnel boring machine (TBM) pipe jacking, auger bore and jack, pilot tube guided boring, guided boring, pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling. The scope of pipeline projects has varied in size from 8 to 120 inches in diameter and in length from a few hundred feet to 16 miles. Pipeline rehabilitation projects have included pipe bursting, pipe reaming, slip-lining, and cured-in-place pipe. Structure projects include water, wastewater and recycled water treatment facilities, pump stations, storage tanks and storage basins.

Dave's varied project experience of over 30 years with deep excavations, shoring, dewatering, ground improvement and trenchless technologies provides a unique perspective in offering geotechnical and trenchless engineering services to owners, design engineers and contractors including:
  • evaluation of site development history, geologic setting and geotechnical conditions for trenchless feasibility, trenchless alternatives analysis, risk evaluation and preliminary project cost estimates,
  • review and preparation of geotechnical data reports, geotechnical interpretive reports, geotechnical baseline reports and trenchless specifications for completeness and risk identification and mitigation,
  • construction claims evaluations related to differing site conditions, claims validity and expert witness testimony.
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Featured Project:
Vermeer AXIS Guided Bore Drill used for CCCSD Lafayette/Pleasant Hill Trunk Sewer in 2011. This project is the subject of a case history paper presented at No-Dig 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.