Geotechnical and Trenchless Engineering     

Installing a bundle of 28 fiber optic conduits under the Guadalupe River in Santa Clara, California. This installation was completed using a maxi-sized horizontal directional drill rig with a wireline locating system.

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Dave has developed a strong record of successful experience in:

  • Shallow and Deep Building Foundations
    P/T slabs
    drilled piers
    driven piles
  • Construction Excavation and Shoring, both Braced and Tied Back
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Permanent Dewatering
  • Corrosion
  • Ground Treatment/Improvement Processes
    dynamic compaction
    stone columns
    jet grouting
    soil mixing
    compaction grouting
    lime treatment
  • Buried Pipelines
    open-cut excavations, shoring and dewatering
    rigid and flexible pipe bedding
    flexible pipe design using EŽc
    pipe loading, both dead and live loads
    trench backfill
    fines migration
  • Trenchless Technologies
    microtunnel pipe jacking (MTBM)
    earth pressure balance machine tunneling (EPBM)
    shield tunneling (TBM)
    horizontal directional drilling
    auger bore and jack
    pilot tube guided boring
    guided boring
    pipe bursting
    pipe reaming
    slip lining
    cured-in-place pipe
Dave's emphasis over the past twenty years has been in the area of pipeline rehabilitation and new construction using trenchless technologies. Trenchless experience has included projects in pipe bursting, pipe reaming, slip-lining, cured-in-place pipe, horizontal directional drilling and various forms of pipe jacking including microtunneling, earth pressure balance machine, tunnel boring machine and open shield tunneling as well as pilot tube guided boring, guided boring and auger boring and pipe ramming. To date, Dave has completed geotechnical engineering design investigations for over 75,000 linear feet of microtunneling, over 10,000 linear feet of horizontal directional drilling and over 30,000 linear feet of pipe bursting.

In 1998, Dave was recognized as part of the design and construction team that received Trenchless Technology Magazine's New Construction Project of the Year Award for Central Contra Costa Sanitary District's South Orinda Sewer Improvement Project (a microtunneling project involving the installation of 8,250 linear feet of 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer).

In 2006, Dave received the North American Society for Trenchless Technology Industry Achievement Award for 15 years of contribution to the trenchless technology industry. Dave's predecessor firm, DCM Engineering, was one of only four firms in the small consulting business category selected for this recognition from the United States and Canada.

In 2008, Dave received the North American Society for Trenchless Technology Outstanding Paper Award in the new construction category for a 2007 No-Dig paper, "Microtunneling Beneath the Napa River" which was presented in San Diego, California.